Tailored programs for every individual

Dedicated 1:1 Valor Performance Coaching

Research-based, digital exercises

Insightful metrics and reporting

Performance community


No more training in a stuffy conference room for all day sessions, where people remember only 20% of the content.

For the first time, there is now a pro-active and proven approach to learning. Valor’s learning platform includes digital bite-sized exercises and reflections to do anytime, anywhere. Each program is based on the latest science in peak performance, and combines digital exercises with a dedicated certified Valor Performance Coach.


Unlike traditional training, Valor provides enterprise level reporting through its data analytics and digital platform.

Executives and managers receive aggregated and valuable insights on the state of the team’s performance mindset – potential team-wide risks to monitor, focus areas for team meetings, engagement in the Valor platform, and overall impact of Valor.


Valor has hand-picked and trained a community of Valor certified Performance Coaches, all of whom have experience working and competing at the highest level.

Valor’s Olympic-level Coaches are available to share their lessons from the world’s stage, and work with you to ensure you sustain your peak performance.


All of Valor’s exercises are backed by the latest research in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral training, performance psychology, sports psychology, and social sciences.

Valor curates and digitizes exercises from across disciplines to create the most impactful and effective programs as possible – ready to ignite and sustain your performance.

“Valor is going to be the new competitive advantage.

Bill Donovan, former executive at Johnson & Johnson