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Driving Performance for High Impact Teams

Develop mindsets and behaviors that enable your revenue team to perform at their highest level—consistently and sustainably.

Accelerate Your People, Processes, and Productivity

We customize our sales performance coaching based on your organization’s needs, the industry you’re in, and the challenges you might be facing to further align with skills and behaviors that your leaders would like to enhance.

By using a personalized approach, Valor sales performance coaching adjusts how leaders think and act in various situations — which leads to notable improvements in their performance on the job.

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85% of Leaders report Valor improved performance & effectiveness at work 

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Invest in your client-facing teams with a Strategic and Scalable Platform

With Valor's seamless digital coaching platform collect insights, measure engagement, execute on organizational goals, outline strengths and address performance gaps to drive productivity and up-skill your revenue teams. 


 of organizations saw an ROI on their Coaching engagements 

Empower revenue producing teams

Transform your workforce with a customizable, multi-faceted, data driven approach that drives momentum and delivers results

We train your team to be ready – and to excel – no matter what lies ahead for measurably better performance, every quarter

"Valor helped me better understand who I am as an employee and what my goals are. By having really in-depth conversations about these themes and completing thought provoking exercises I not only was able to increase my mental bandwidth and capacity to be higher functioning at work, but I also have been able to improve my skills with stakeholder management, coaching and advocating for my team, and prioritization based on business impact."

Madison Pinckes Manager, Inbound sales strategy, Klaviyo

Madison Pinckes | Inbound Sales Strategy



Reach sales excellence and increase sales revenue

Fuel your sales leader’s  motivation by developing the key mindsets that  encourage and enable sustained high performance.  

Advance front-line managers

Develop the leadership & coaching behaviors that your customer facing  managers need to foster a team that thrives under pressure and continues to  drive business.

Create a community of coaches

Establish an environment of sales growth and development while inspiring open-mindedness during times of transition and adversity

Shape a team of industry leaders

Ignite a competitive edge by equipping your sales leaders with the mindsets & skills to support the entire sales pipeline from start to close.

Reward high performers and high potentials

Guide your strongest performers through change & challenge with an external resource so they can focus on building new skills & doing what they do best  – perform.

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Why Oracle partnered with Valor

Oracle partnered with Valor to develop a program around creating more empowered, confident employees that succeed no matter the circumstances  in their personal and professional lives.

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Oracle experience a 10% improvement in employee retention
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of Oracle participants felt a shift to a more open-minded work environment & were committed to goals
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of Oracle participants reported that Valor helped make significant progress toward their goals
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83% of Participants improved their ability to stay calm during chaos & pressure

The difference a performance mindset makes

For professionals that deal with uniquely demanding workloads, it's imperative that the necessary support is in place to maintain high performance and achieve goals without getting to the point of feeling burnt out. Valor's world class sales performance coaches are experts when it comes to performing under pressure. They provide sales managers with training and coaching based on the foundation of performance psychology.

Coaching tailored for revenue leaders

When it comes to sales teams, the pressure never lets up; which is why Valor got its start with a focus on coaching for revenue facing leaders. We’re utilizing the science of performance psychology paired with your organizational goals and values to ignite a growth mindset, maintain momentum, and deliver revenue producing results.

“Valor has been instrumental in helping me boost my performance at OpenGov. It has reminded me how important an individual's mindset is in Sales and has helped me change the way that I approach my conversations with customers which has directly led to more positive outcomes.”

 Andrew Jones | Account Executive

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What is a High-Performance Mindset?

What is a High-Performance Mindset?

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7 Tips to Maximize Performance & Meet Sales Goals This Year

Level up Your Team's Performance & Drive More Revenue

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