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The Future of Sales Excellence

Develop the mindset skills behind the behaviors that will help your sales team perform at a high level—consistently and sustainably.

Tailored for
Revenue-Producing Teams

Valor was started with a focus on sales teams. Why? Because the pressure on sales teams and professionals is at an all-time high. Sales teams are inundated with increasing challenges to driving revenue while at the same time trying to make sense of all of the tools they have at their disposal. The future of sales excellence is investing in the seller behind the sale. The right mindset is needed to maximize the resources they have to drive results.

Tailored for revenue-producing teams

Your sales tech stack provides the who and the what.
Valor provides the how.

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Turn Resilience Into Revenue: The Power of Performance Mindset Coaching for Sales Teams

Turn Resilience Into Revenue: The Power of Performance Mindset Coaching for Sales Teams

At Valor, we train your team to be ready — and to excel — no matter what lies ahead. And that leads to measurably better performance, every quarter.

Salespeople need specific coaching from people who understand how to overcome challenges and manage stress. Traditional workshops and books pale in comparison to personal, one-on-one coaching. Our Valor Coaches have spent decades studying human psychology, and know how to achieve extraordinary results while facing extreme pressure.

Why do the world’s leading sales teams choose Valor?

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Reward top performers
  • Develop leadership and coaching skills for front-line managers
  • Retain top talent
  • Provide an outside, expert perspective

Helping HubSpot Sales Teams Unlock a Performance Mindset

"I started working with Valor in 2019. HubSpot signed on to have their top-performing managers work 1:1 with a Valor coach over the course of 9 months. Valor coaching helped me develop a performance mindset, taught me how to avoid burnout, and helped me with goal setting/accountability. I would highly recommend Valor to any business professional that is looking to level up as a leader."

Pratik Biswal
Sales Leader | HubSpot

High Performers and High Potentials

Retain and motivate your top talent by putting a coach in their corner. Help them continue to level up and perform quarter after quarter.

High Sales Performers and Potentials - Valor Sales Coaching
coaching desktop- resized

New Managers

Transitions from rep to manager can come with growing pains. Don’t let a top-performing rep turn into a mediocre manager. Valor’s world class coaches can help your managers navigate these transitions and develop the leadership and coaching skills they need to develop high-performing teams.

Coaching the Coach - Senior Sales Leaders

As a leader you’re always growing. Inspiring your team. Leading through change. Having difficult conversations. Continue to grow with a Valor coach who is an expert in high-pressure, high-demand environments across different arenas.

Coaching Senior Sales Leaders - Valor Sales Coaching

Why do some of the world’s leading companies choose Valor?

Higher sales revenue

Rewards your top performers

Helps salespeople transition to be managers and coaches

Retains top talent

Provides an outside, expert perspective

Access to the Valor library of coaching resources

Client Profiles

"Valor has been one of the most successful programs that we’ve rolled out."

Andrew Quinn
VP Sales Productivity & Enablement | HubSpot

"Without a doubt, Valor has improved my sales team performance and saved me time. What could be better than that?"

Mike Mattson
SVP Sales | OpenGov

Invest in People — Not Just Processes

How much are you spending on productivity software and other tools that make your people more efficient — but don’t necessarily help them gain confidence, self-awareness, and all of the other skills they need to perform at a higher level?

Performance mindset coaching is an investment in your people. It changes how they think and act in various situations — which leads to notable improvements in their performance on the job.

Coaching All Sales Employees - Valor Sales Coaching

Which Employees Should Get Valor Coaching?

  • High-potentials
  • High-performers
  • Front-line managers
  • Senior leadership through the C-suite

Tailored for Your Industry

We customize our coaching based on your organization’s needs and the industry you’re in. Our coaches have experience working in a variety of industries, including:

  • Technology / Software
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
Sales Coaching Tailored for All Industries - Valor Sales Coaching

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