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Valor Performance Online Coaching

Build mental agility to know yourself, lead yourself, and lead others.

Reward, retain, and develop high performers, high potentials, and versatile leaders at every level.

The key to thriving teams

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Tailored One-on-One Coaching

Fueling a lifestyle of high performance

Our coaching sessions are completely tailored to you; customized to align with your organizational goals and individual competencies. Our extensive coach matching process ensures leaders are paired with an ideal fit for their career trajectory, areas of interest, and learning style, and encompasses a team of coaches with a broad range of expertise and experience. Enjoy unlimited access to science-backed ongoing courses, micro-exercises, and assessments designed to guide self-discovery.

98% of participants would recommend Valor to a colleague


97% of participants report improved performance


98% of participants approved of their coach match 

Science-Backed, Digital Learning

What to expect with Valor Coaching

Valor Coaching is a science-backed, proven solution designed to enable leaders to exceed their potential and advance in their professional and personal lives. When leaders have the opportunity to advance, the investment is two-fold. New skills are applied everyday, bringing innovation & heightened confidence across all levels.
Guided self-discovery and goal setting with scalable courses designed for everyone; from frontline managers to c-suite leaders.

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Minimize burnout

Valor coaching reveals insights from coaches who have lived through similar situations, challenging leaders to re-evaluate their circumstances & approach conflict with a  growth mindset.

Raise engagement

With new skills derived from Valor coaching, leaders develop out-of-the box solutions  & ideas to address challenges  & adversities; encouraging curiosity & increasing engagement. 

Attract top talent

Valor coaching not only benefits your company directly; it also exemplifies your dedication to your employees’  personal & professional growth; helping you stand out to high performing job seekers. 

Increase job satisfaction

Working alongside Valor’s elite coaches, leaders develop new  tools to perfect their trade that  further excites & motivates  them to perform at the top of  their game. 

It's all about Mindset

The power of a performance mindset

Performance mindset coaching helps people think and act differently, by enhancing mental agility and placing resilience in the forefront during times of change, so leaders can reach their goals, grow, navigate obstacles, and perform when it matters most.

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6 Steps to Success

Create a plan of action Discover skills gaps and areas of opportunity and align with the measures necessary to reach your fullest potential.
360º Self Assessment Complete  our 360º self assessment, to provide our team with valuable insights to accurately predict strengths and areas of opportunity.
We use AI software to match leaders with a coach that closely aligns with their experiences, preferences, and career path.
Identify goals and develop a customized plan of action. All communication is confidential – We report back on aggregated data and themes.
We provide insights through data metrics, and benchmarking, to help you understand Valor's impact.
As leaders apply what they've learned, accountability is enhanced across teams; resulting in a company-wide ripple effect of high performance.
Our Elite Coaches

Valor Coaches: Inspirational. Relatable. Exceptional.

Our coaches know pressure, so navigating hyper-competitive situations is something they excel at.  And from their experience coaching top performers around the globe, they help leaders tap into the right mindset, at the right time - consistently.

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Designed for busy leaders

Turn resilience into revenue

Evidence-based leadership coaching designed to maximize and sustain performance. Scalable leadership programs designed for everyone from frontline managers to c-suite leadership


34% increased revenue growth within 1 year of working with Valor


Of participants report Valor improved both their performance and effectiveness at work.

"[My coach] has been extremely valuable at helping me realize my strengths and work on how I can better communicate." 

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 Claudia Arriaga | OpenGov

"Valor has been one of the most successful programs that we’ve rolled out."

Virtual Webinar  Sept 6  2pm ET (2)

Adam Alfono | Salesforce

"I not only was able to increase my mental bandwidth and capacity to be higher functioning at work, but I also have been able to improve my skills with stakeholder management, coaching and advocating for my team."

Madison Pinckes Manager, Inbound sales strategy, Klaviyo

Madison Pinckes | Klaviyo

"My sessions with [my coach] have been invaluable. Her coaching has helped me gain confidence, recognize new areas of opportunity, and work on my underdeveloped skills as a leader."

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Alexandra Wallitsch | Klaviyo

"Valor was instrumental in my team's ability to hit our numbers in Q2." 

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Jessica Bicknell | LinkSquares

" [I got] tangible takeaways that will help me identify my core values"

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 David Spolidoro | OpenGov

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Improve Individual Performance & Fuel Organizational Growth

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