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About Valor

We're changing the way leaders think and approach challenges to help fuel a growth mindset and increase engagement to create an outstanding, company-wide impact.

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70% of coachees report improved performance, relationships & communication

Our mission

To build a community of high performers dedicated to supporting one another in pursuit of sustainable peak performance, especially in the face of change and pressure. 

Level-up your leaders

It takes courage to see the potential that the future holds, and invest in leaders, high-potentials, and high-performers who will take the company to the next level.

We empower professionals with the most advanced, practical, & evidence-based skills that enable them to lead themselves, lead others & support a healthy organizational culture.

Reasons to Invest in Employee Development (1700 x 1000 px)

Valor Values

Reasons to Invest in Employee Development (1700 x 1000 px) (2)

Relentlessly Improve
Strive for excellence and look for ways to learn and improve
Intentionally show up
Communicate with one another in direct, respectful and solution-oriented ways
Live with Valor
Have courage to step outside of our comfort zone and strive for excellence
Embrace Differences
Celebrate, welcome and do the work for intersectional diversity
Wear the Valor Jersey
Make thoughtful decisions with the best intent for the Valor team and our customers

Our Start

As a manager and VP within various companies, Sarah Milby was frustrated by the management training she received for herself and her team. She wanted to motivate people, but not have them burn out. Unfortunately, the existing training programs were often solely focused on process, methodology and compliance, rather than addressing the root cause of performance issues. Trainings were one-time events, weren’t inspiring, and - perhaps most importantly - didn’t have a lasting impact.

During her years as a college athlete at Yale, Sarah had coaches to help with the technical aspects of her sport. But she also connected with someone who was focused on mindset coaching. “It was all about preparing my mind to be the best when it mattered most.”

Sarah’s dedicated performance coach taught her strategies to handle pressure, see opportunities in challenging situations, and prepare for future successes. She carried these performance lessons with her off the field, receiving her graduate degrees and working in nonprofits, finance, government and at fast-growing tech companies. And it was those lessons she continues to practice that ultimately inspired her to start Valor, so others could benefit from the same type of performance mindset coaching.

"Our minds can either hold us back, or be our biggest competitive advantage."

Virtual Webinar  Sept 6  2pm ET (3)Sarah Milby 
Valor Founder

Valor Advisors

Dr. Allen Smith - Valor Advisor - Performance Mindset Coaching

Dr. Allen Smith

M.D. and Masters in Health Administration and Population Health

Former President and Chief Medical Officer, Brigham and Women's Physician Organization

Brad Stulberg - Valor Advisor - Performance Mindset Coaching

Brad Stulberg

Writer, speaker and author on human performance

Co-author of "Peak Performance" and "Passion Paradox"

Dr. Jose Picart - Valor Advisor - Performance Mindset Coaching

Dr. Jose Picart

PhD Experimental Cognitive Psychology

Retired Army Colonel and Professor Emeritus West Point, United States Military Academy
Professor of counselor education and former Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion at NC State University

Dr. Carol Robin - Valor Advisor - Performance Mindset Coaching

Dr. Carol Robin

PhD, Organizational Psychology

30 years in high-performance leadership and executive coaching

Dominic Coleman - Valor Advisor - Performance Mindset Coaching

Dominic Coleman

Group Vice President Global Sales at Gartner

20 years business executive and sales leader with proven track record

Bill Donovan - Valor Advisor - Performance Mindset Coaching

Bill Donovan

Former General Manager, Human Performance Institute

Dan Darcy - Valor Advisor - Performance Mindset Coaching

Dan Darcy

Chief Customer Officer at Qualified.com

13 years at Salesforce where he held positions that ranged from SVP of sales and partner enablement, SVP of product design and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s right-hand man and Head of Customer Visions.

Tina Shah MD headshot 2022

Dr. Tina Shah

MD MPH: Principal, TNT Health Enterprises, Former Senior Advisor US Surgeon General. Practicing pulmonary & critical care physician.

Over 10 years of work addressing burnout for physicians and nurses in multiple avenues of healthcare.


Andrew Quinn

Former Head of Sales Productivity and Enablement at HubSpot

Andrew is a pioneer in sales enablement; with 13+ years at HubSpot, he's helped shape how so many companies think about Sales Enablement.

Careers with Valor – Learn more about working for Valor, including joining our team as a Valor Coach.