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The Future of Healthcare
Leadership Development

Enable resilience and innovation during times of massive disruption while cultivating healthier cultures with performance coaching.

Develop your people, transform your organization

Enhance leadership effectiveness, drive culture change and optimize the patient experience

18% physicians

18% stress reduction for participants coached by Valor from baseline on Perceived Stress Scale (PSS)

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Access to the Valor library of coaching resources provide an outside, expert perspective, retain top talent, apply methodologies, resulting in behavioral and mindset change, leverage Valor coaches trained in high pressure scenarios, Help healthcare workers level up their performance, develop leadership skills for front-line workers

Why do the world’s leading Healthcare Systems and Teams choose Valor?

Valor equips healthcare systems with unique insights into common themes across their workforce. Without deploying another survey, the insights and data give C-suite leaders direction to turn the tide at a systems level for retention and engagement.

"I really appreciate the experience I had with  Valor Performance and the 1:1 coaching opportunity. It helped me gain a significant amount of  knowledge in leadership. I appreciate the opportunity that the URMC provided."

7 copyDr. Victoria Zhang | Professor & Vice Chair  of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


"This experience with Valor and with my performance coach has been incredible. I have learned so much and been able to explore so many ideas that are helping guide me to be a better leader and more efficient and productive."

6 copy 2Dr. Pooja Chitneni


Develop leaders, mitigate burnout and retain top talent with Valor

Physicians and other healthcare professionals operate in high-stakes, high-stress environments, and need specific coaching from people who understand their world. 

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97% of physicians coached by Valor stayed with the organization increasing duration by 3+ years
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80% of participants report feeling more valued by their organization because of Valor
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95% of participants report Valor positively improved their performance at work

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Why Optum Health partnered with Valor

Optum partnered with Valor during a time of a lot of transition, change and adjustments across the organization. They needed the teams and leaders to be resilient, motivated and engaged for the next chapter.

"One of the keys is removing any threat/danger you get from being too open and transparent with someone internal and really having the ability to be open and very candid with someone from a professional standpoint without any political risk. On top of that, [my Coach] is terrific."

Optum Employee


1 copy 872% of Valor participants at Optum report feeling more appreciated by Optum by receiving Valor coaching

2 copy 13

100% of Valor participants at Optum report Valor coaching has improved their overall performance at work

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83% of Participants improved their ability to stay calm during chaos & pressure 

Tailored for healthcare teams

Today more than ever, hospital executives must address a myriad of complex challenges including retaining top talent, enhancing care quality, improving the patient experience, containing costs, and promoting clinician well-being. Coaching is a core tool of agile healthcare leaders to drive culture change and improve patient outcomes.


*Validated by Viewpoints Lightweight 360º, collected at baseline and after program completion*

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The power of mindset coaching for healthcare teams

Traditional workshops and books pale in comparison to personal, one-on-one coaching. Our Valor high-performance coaches have spent decades studying human performance psychology, and know how to achieve extraordinary results while facing extreme pressure. At Valor, we empower healthcare professionals with the most advanced, practical, and evidence-based skills that lead to better performance, retention, and organizational culture.

Why Leadership Coaching is Necessary in Healthcare

Why Leadership Coaching is Necessary in Healthcare

Coaching practices in the healthcare workplace

Unique Challenges of Healthcare and How Coaching Can Help

Level up Your Team's Performance & Drive More Revenue

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