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Mindset Coaching Products

Our world-class performance mindset coaches work with your people to develop the mindsets needed to ignite and sustain peak performance.

The Key to Thriving Teams

 Providing a mindset coach for your employees is an investment that continues to pay off in more ways than one.

Mindset Coaching for Individual Contributors, Front-Line Managers, CEOs, and Everyone in Between

You might be wondering “who is mindset coaching made for?” The answer is simple. Valor coaching is designed for high-potentials, high-performers, and leaders at every step on the org chart. Our tiered levels of world-class coaches allow you to use one solution to scale coaching globally across your organization.
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Revenue Teams

Help your team perform at a high level—consistently and sustainably.


Leadership and Development Teams

Invest in your top leaders and coaches, so they can inspire and motivate people throughout your organization.

Healthcare workers

Healthcare Teams

Enhance your leadership effectiveness, drive culture change and optimize the patient experience.

Up-skilling teams across a multitude industries

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What is
Performance Mindset Coaching?

Simply put, performance mindset coaching trains your mind to perform at its best in a variety of different situations, from high-pressure meetings to focused strategic thinking sessions. Our mindset coaches are dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to be the very best version of yourself by helping you recognize and challenge thoughts that are holding you back. To learn how Valor mindset coaches can help your team, contact us or schedule a demo.

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Leadership coaching is a proven tool to accelerate skill building for a long-lasting impact across entire organizations.

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Organizational Transformation Starts Here

World Class Coaches

Inspirational and relatable experts in sustainable high performance

Third-Party Perspective

A confidential, outside perspective to offer a fresh point of view; providing invaluable insight 

Global Solution

Serving organizations around the world, with coaches who offer international experience and expertise

Data-Driven Impact

Analytics, metrics & benchmarks that provide structure & ensure alignment with your organizational goals & competencies

Scalable & Affordable 

Traditional executive coaching is expensive & leaves people behind; with Valor, coaching is no longer reserved for your most senior executives

Easy-to-use Online Platform 

Everything your leaders need, all in one place, including 360º feedback, assessments and ongoing-self directed learning

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Tailored to Your Team

We customize our coaching based on your organization’s needs. Our coaches have experience working in a variety of industries, including:

  • Technology / Software
  • Finance
  • Healthcare

Hear From Real Clients

"Valor has been one of the most successful programs that we’ve rolled out."

Andrew Quinn
VP Sales Productivity & Enablement | HubSpot

"Valor has helped me become a better leader and communicator. I now perform better under stress and am more efficient with my time."

Sales Director | HubSpot

"Did giving me Valor improve my job satisfaction and commitment to Salesforce? Short answer is yes."

Adam Alfano
SVP Manufacturing | Salesforce

"I became better at a few things with Valor: not letting emotions get in the way of negotiating, time allocation and prioritization, and how to be more resourceful and aware."

Tonya Counter
AVP Sales | Salesforce

"Without a doubt, Valor has improved my sales team performance and saved me time. What could be better than that?"

Mike Mattson
SVP Sales | OpenGov

"Working with Valor has absolutely boosted my confidence, helped me define my goals and has helped me gain clarity in my purpose."

"Talking through some of the reasons I felt ‘stuck’ helped me re-frame my thinking and be more conscious of small steps I was taking in my day toward (or away) from my goals."

"My coach has been wonderful… I would not have imagined that connecting with someone blindly would work so well, but Inga is great and I really enjoy our meetings!"

"I wasn’t sure what to expect at all, but walked away feeling better and more focused. Speaking to Dr. Amy was incredibly easy. She was very engaged and was able to break down the words I was saying into actionable chunks. I can’t wait for my next session."

"My coach is great. He is pushing me outside my comfort zone and asking questions that really make me think about myself and what I believe to be true."

"[My Coach] really helped me articulate and clarify what is important to me and what has given me energy. I had never taken the time to be so introspective about the path behind me and the path forward."

Oracle Employee

"I have had so many big ‘a-ha’ moments with my coach. Simple but profound things like understanding when I enjoyed my role the most and why that was; what the triggers are for the good and the challenging professional experiences; and how to challenge myself and celebrate the value I bring. It has been so beneficial to my professional and personal life."

Oracle Employee

"I enjoyed [my coach’s] clear enthusiasm for his job and his interest in getting to know me and my goals. It was helpful to be reminded of the idea that what we work on together can have impact beyond the professional realm and enhance my personal life as a husband, father, coach, and friend."

Oracle Employee

"...the epiphany that I had [was] everyone needs some coaching from time-to-time, and working professionals are no different. Looking forward to what I hope is [a] transformative experience, and one where I can gain a whole new mindset, skill-set or approach to my work going forward."

Oracle Employee

Develop Leaders, Mitigate Burnout & Retain Top Talent with Valor Performance

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