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Become a Valor Performance Coach

Work with professionals across diverse industries, experiences, and backgrounds on your own time, and see the transformative impact you will have on leaders all over the word.

Leadership transformation begins with our coaches

Connecting you with international leaders across different industries and backgrounds. From there, you work together so they can reach their goals and lead with their most authentic selves.  



  4.9/5 average rating for coach sessions


Be part of an international impact

Join the Valor community of international leaders and experience the long-lasting impact being made from anywhere in the world. Our coaches are a multi-disciplinary collection of world class performance experts that help individuals and teams unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

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12 languages represented amongst our coaching community 

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13 Countries
of origin across our Valor coaches
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17 time zones spanning across our international coach community

Why join Valor

Collaborative community

Join our curated community of coaches consisting of performance experts located all over the world with diverse backgrounds & certifications, who all share in their ongoing commitment to growth.

Continued learning and development

Develop yourself and your craft through Valor's investment in our coach community utilizing Valor Pods, internal training, peer coaching, and a rigorous coach advancement process.

High caliber of clients

Work with impressive clients across a range of industries, sectors and levels. Our proven coach matching process connects you with the most compatible client candidates for an ideal coach-client collaboration.

Comprehensive platform

Valor's digital platform takes the admin (i.e. scheduling, billing, client follow ups) off your plate, while further arming you with access to robust course content, assessments and insights, all to enhance your practice. 

"Coaching at Valor has opened my eyes to what my capabilities are but also about what the larger community needs. I am filled with fire and passion to support high performing individuals across diverse sectors and I foresee this will be a significant part of my career until I retire."

4-Oct-06-2023-04-55-52-4174-PMMuhammad Deen | Valor Coach


"The biggest thrill as a coach is to help my clients to push the limits of their unique abilities to grow as visionary leaders. The Valor community of accomplished performance experts ensures I provide the most valued resources and support."

 3-Oct-06-2023-04-55-52-2654-PMInga Stasiulionyte | Valor Coach

Getting Started with Valor Coaching

As our team continues to expand, we are always looking to welcome new leaders to the Valor coach community

1. Get in touch
Complete our coaching form below to include your coaching background and certifications
2. Meet the team
Meet with our executive coach team to align professionals on goals and career trajectory
3. Onboard
Undergo live, async training with mock coaching sessions to best orient to our coach platform
4. Start coaching
Empower leaders across multiple industries and experiences through 1:1 coaching sessions

Become a Valor Coach