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Valor Performance Online Coaching

Continued Learning

Resources to re-engage and re-align leaders and high performers.

Podcasts, On Demand Webinars, and Fireside Chats

On Demand Webinar: Becker's Healthcare: Physician Well-Being

We've teamed up with Becker's Healthcare along with URMC's Dr. Janine Shapiro, and Dr. Jessica Shand, to showcase how URMC is leveraging a personalized coaching program to up-level physicians leaders, retain talent, & mitigate burnout.

On Demand Webinar: Reinvigorate Productivity After Workplace Setbacks 

Coaching and mentoring experts, Sarah Milby and Aaron Adams, showcase the actionable strategies, real-life examples and valuable insights that can be utilized through leadership coaching and mentoring programs.

On Demand Webinar: Performance Coaching's Impact on Revenue Teams

Revenue team leaders, Tanya Counter, Jamie McLeod, and Claudia Arriaga, join Sarah Milby to discuss the impacts of coaching and how it leads to growth for revenue teams.

On Demand Webinar: 4 Tools to Develop Mindsets to Succeed

Matt Cameron, CEO of Saasy, joins Valor as he describes his leadership journey, how he developed and adopted a performance mindset, and how it's helped him get to where he is today.

On Demand Webinar: Managing the Stress of Working in Healthcare

We invited Dr. Antonia Chen and Dr. Dara Lewis along with Sarah Milby and Valor coach, Iris Zimmermann, to discuss the constant challenges working in healthcare presents and how to cope with the stress of the industry.

Fireside Chat: Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace

We welcome Valor coach, Joe Jacobi, to shed light on what exactly Imposter Syndrome is, what it looks like, how it can affect you, and how to instill the correct mindsets in order to overcome it.

On Demand Webinar: Leveraging Optimism to Drive Success in Uncertain Times

Sarah Milby accompanies Dr. Lauren Tashman as they dive into the importance of optimism and how to keep it in the forefront.

Fireside Chat: Building Meaningful Connections in Business

Join Sarah Milby along with Valor Advisor and Author, Carole Robin, as they discuss the most productive ways to build meaningful relationships in a changing work environment.

On Demand Webinar: Controlling the Controllables Amidst Chaos

Tangible takeaways to strengthen mental agility and emotional flexibility. Sarah Milby and Dr. Lauren Tashman  reveal the mindset strategies to achieve success in times of chaos.

On Demand Webinar: Redefining Productivity Amidst Economic Shutdown

Sarah Milby invites Daniel R. Smith to discuss productivity amidst economic shutdown and best practices in redefining it to achieve the results you want.

Fireside Chat: Actionable Strategies to Remain Fully Engaged

Brad Stulberg joins Sarah Milby to explain his experience with burnout and what he did to overcome it.

Fireside Chat: Leading Yourself in Times of Uncertainty

We're joined by Olympians Jeff Butler and Caryn Davies as they walk through their methods to managing highly stressful environments to develop the necessary mindsets for astounding success.

Fireside Chat: The Importance of Stress Recovery

Jack Groppel, Co-Founder, Human Performance Institute, joins Sarah Milby, to explain why businesses in every industry must instill stress recovery in their business structures to appease stress and re-align teams.

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