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Strengthen mental agility to know yourself, lead yourself, and lead others.

Reward, retain, and develop high performers, high potentials, and versatile leaders at every level.

Fueling a Lifestyle of High-Performance

Valor Coaching is a science-backed, proven solution designed to enable leaders to exceed their potential and advance in their professional and personal lives. 

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Unlimited access to the Valor platform with ongoing courses, micro-exercises, and assessments

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1:1 coaching sessions aligned with organizational and individual goals, strengths and skills gaps to instill the key mindsets and behaviors that create sustainable high performance with a growth mindset

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Guided self-discovery and goal setting with scalable courses designed for everyone; from frontline managers to c-suite leaders

Serving organizations around the world, with coaches who offer global experience and expertise.

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6 Steps
To Success

Create a Customized Plan of Action

Through interactive, hands-on courses and 1 on 1 coaching, Valor Performance coaching reveals areas of opportunity and aligns leaders with the measures necessary to reach their potential inside your organization. 

360º Self Assessment Pairing

By completing our 360º self assessment, recipients provide our team with valuable insights to accurately predict strengths and areas of opportunity amongst leaders and their teams.

Personalized Valor Coach Matching

Using advanced AI software, individuals are matched with the most appropriate coach for them based on experiences, preferences, and career path. 

Partner with Your Coach

You and your coach will work together to identify your goals, build a trusted relationship, and develop a customized plan. All communication is confidential – Valor reports back on aggregate data and themes. 

Discover the Impact with Tangible Results

Valor provides insights through data metrics, like benchmarking against comparable companies, to help you understand your team's mindset and the impact Valor Leadership Development Coaching Program has had on performance.

Foster a Coaching Culture

Immediately as leaders apply what they've learned, accountability is formed throughout your organization; inspiring colleagues and resulting in a company-wide ripple effect of high performing leaders.

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Turn Resilience Into Revenue: The Power of Performance Mindset Coaching

Be on the cutting edge of performance science by investing in your true competitive advantage – your leaders. Place resilience in the forefront during times of change, establish accountability as recipients lead by example, and foster and define a contagious culture of collaboration and enhanced mental agility.

Performance mindset coaching helps people think and act differently to reach their goals, grow, navigate obstacles, and perform when it matters most.

Solutions for Thriving Teams

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Attract Top Talent

Valor coaching not only benefits your company directly but also exemplifies your dedication to your employees’ growth both personally & professionally; helping you stand out to high performing job seekers.

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Increase Job Satisfaction

Working alongside Valor’s elite coaches, leaders develop new tools to perfect their trade that further excites & motivates them to perform at the top of their game.

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Minimize Burnout

Valor coaching reveals insights from coaches who have lived through similar situations, challenging leaders to re-evaluate their circumstances & approach conflict with a growth mindset.

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Raise Engagement

With new skills derived from Valor coaching, leaders develop out-of-the box solutions & ideas to address challenges & adversities; encouraging curiosity & increasing engagement. 

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Reduce Turnover

When your leaders have the opportunity to advance, the investment is two-fold. New skills are applied to their everyday positions, bringing innovation & heightened confidence across all levels

What can my team expect from Valor Coaching?

  • A vast team of world-class coaches including PhD and masters-level academics, Olympians, and elite military leaders
  • Personalized coaching sessions aligned with your organizational goals and individual competencies
  • Unlimited access to the Valor leadership development platform - including ongoing courses, micro-exercises, and assessments
  • Community of high performers working to achieve similar goals
  • Guided self-discovery and goal setting
  • Evidence-based leadership coaching designed to maximize and sustain performance
  • Scalable leadership programs designed for everyone from frontline managers to c-suite leadership


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Valor Coaches:
Inspirational. Relatable. Exceptional.

Our coaches know pressure. They have performed on the world's toughest stages as CEOs, professional athletes, equity derivative traders, and military specialists, with years of experience in performance mindset coaching.

Valor Coaches know firsthand how to excel in hyper-competitive situations and how to unlock that performance in others. And from their experience coaching top performers around the globe and their expertise in the science of excellence they know how to help others be in the right mindset, at the right time - consistently.

Get insights and expert advice that can make an immediate impact.

Mindset Insights

Improve Individual Performance & Fuel Organizational Growth

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