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Valor drives personal and professional growth through a proven 1:1 digital coaching platform. Our world-class leadership and mindset coaches are literally the best of the best, trained in the science of excellence, and highly experienced in improving individual performance that fuels organizational growth.

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The Best of the Best Have a Coach

Top executives, professional athletes, doctors, and other high performers all have elite coaches to help them focus their mindset and perform at their best. Shouldn’t your team have the same resources to compete—and win?

Just like Olympic athletes and other top performers, modern leaders need to be fully engaged, continually developing new skills, and able to adapt and handle pressures to perform over a long period of time. Getting an outside expert perspective is often the key to extraordinary results—for individuals and organizations alike.

The Impact of
Performance Mindset Coaching

Is Performance Mindset Coaching for your organization? Yes, if one of these apply to you:

  • I want to reward, retain, and develop high performers, high potentials, and leaders of all levels.
  • I want to invest in our true competitive advantage — our people.
  • Our organization is going through change (hyper growth, restructure, reskilling, etc.)
  • I’m looking to build a leadership bench that can build high-performing, resilient, and adaptable teams.
  • I want something evidence-based and on the cutting edge of performance research.

Why Choose Valor?


Expert inspirational and relatable coaches who work 1:1 with employees to help them achieve their goals

Third-party perspective

A confidential, outside point-of-view provides valuable insight, and saves the time and cost of building internal resources

comprehensive online platform

Includes assessments, ongoing courses, 360 feedback, and asynchronous messaging with your coach

Measurable, data-driven

Valor provides analytics, metrics, and benchmarks that give structure and help ensure alignment with your organizational goals and competencies.

Scalable & affordable

Traditional executive coaching is expensive and limited; with Valor, coaching is no longer reserved for your most senior executives

A global solution

Serving organizations around the world, with coaches who offer global experience and expertise


of participants report that Valor improved their performance


of participants approved of their coach match


of participants were satisfied with their overall experience


of participants would recommend Valor to a colleague

Process + People

Companies are already investing millions of dollars in tools and technology to drive performance and productivity. Now it’s time to invest in the minds that use them.

Coach and Client Desktop

Unlock The Full Potential of Your Team — and Your Organization

Here’s what you can expect with Valor:

  • Sustained high performance
  • More accountability to goals
  • Guided but flexible process to keep people on track
  • Focus on the science of performance excellence
  • World-class leadership and coaching skills

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Leadership & Development


Human Resources


High Performers
Love to Learn from Other High Performers

100% of Valor Coaches are either an Olympic athlete, former high-level military, or have a PhD or masters degree in a performance-related field (and many of them fall into multiple categories).

Our coaches take the best practices from elite performers around the world, and show you how to apply them in their personal and professional lives.


“There is tremendous value in Valor being a third party and providing an objective Leadership perspective... Valor helped me to elevate as a leader by focusing on concrete strategies and action plans for continued improvement on my own personal Leadership journey.”

John Williams
Area Vice President | Sales


“HubSpot has benefited greatly from our partnership with Valor by giving our global sales managers performance mindset strategies, ways of handling adversity, and unbiased virtual coaching on leading and managing people. At HubSpot, we are committed to empowering our sales managers with leadership and development tools to be at their best. With Valor, we could give those managers access to world-class coaches to help refine how they lead in their daily interactions as well as setting them up for long-term success.”

Andrew Quinn
Vice President | Sales Productivity and Enablement


“Our minds can either hold us back, or be our biggest competitive advantage.”

Sarah Milby | Valor Performance

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30 Minutes a Week

Our mix of one-to-one coaching and advanced technology lets your employees get the most out of every minute.

A Proven Need for Leadership and Performance Mindset Coaching

“45% of managers lack confidence in their ability to develop their employees’ skills”

Gartner, Inc.

“94 percent of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it simply invested in helping them learn.”

CNBC quoting a LinkedIn report

“The average frontline sales manager spends less than 10% of their time developing their team”

Gartner, Inc.

“There really is a silver bullet to running a culture of high performance and high development. It's always the manager. Gallup has discovered — through studying what the best managers do differently — that great managing is an act of coaching, not one of directing and administrating.”

Gallup, Inc.

“In our always-on world, burnout has long been a threat. But in 2020 burnout became rampant, seemingly overnight. Within weeks millions of people lost their jobs and faced financial and food insecurity. People working on the front lines worried for their physical safety, and those in health care put their lives at risk every day.”

Harvard Business Review

“Based on Gartner’s research, the average cost of a departing employee is nearly $19k. While this isn’t specific to sales, it should provide a quick order of magnitude on the direct impact on your organization. Hypothetically, if you have a sales force of 100 sellers with an 18% turnover, that’s a $335k consequence.”

Gartner, Inc.

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