Valor Performance provides the necessary comprehensive approach to ensure companies, teams and individuals prepare and operate at full capacity under pressure.

Through its engaging digital platform, proprietary analytics, and world-class coaches and athletes, Valor prepares leaders to successfully navigate a competitive and changing business environment.

Digital Platform

Valor closes the professional training gap through a dynamic digital platform, progress metrics, and personalized programs for all Valor recipients – giving them a premium experience while fostering a performance mindset.

World-Class Coaches

Valor recipients are connected to dedicated Olympic-level Valor Performance Coaches, who know what it’s like to perform under pressure. Having coached or been one of the best athletes in the world, Valor Coaches can share how the best stay on top of their game.

Research-Based Exercises

Valor takes the latest research in peak performance and creates 1-5 minute digital exercises proven to drive and sustain peak performance, giving Valor recipients a competitive advantage to get the results they want – in business, and in life.


Pressure To Perform At An
All-Time High

In our rapidly changing and increasingly competitive business environment, pressure to perform is at an all-time high.  If not properly addressed, this reality will impact your company’s bottom line – especially in market-facing functions and roles.


Sales professionals say complexity has increased in the last four years (1)


Cost of losing a sales professional as a multiple of annual salary (4)


People show signs of secondhand stress by being around someone who is stressed (3)

(1) CEB 2015 Sales Complexity Assessment
(2) Staples Advantage 2015 Workplace Index
(3) ISPNE research study 2014
(4) Aberdeen Group study 2016


Valor brings professional training into the modern day by combining its relatable and personalized approach with a digital platform.

With Valor, your team can foster a performance mindset in a scalable, relatable and effective way that doesn’t keep them from their important day-to-day activities.


Information is said to be forgotten within 7 days of traditional in-person trainings (1)


Training hours delivered via lecture (2)


CEOs and CROs believe current training offerings need major redesign and/or needs drastic improvement (2)

(1) ZS Associates, Adult Learning report, 2016
(2) CEB 2015 Sales Complexity Assessment

Stay On Top
Of Your Game

With Valor Performance, sales professionals, managers and executives learn how the best stay on top of their game under pressure. 

They learn the best practices on how to maintain a mindset primed for peak performance.

Each Valor program is based on the latest science and tailored to each unique professional.

  • Pro-active and proven techniques
  • Engaging digital experience
  • Relatable and dedicated 1:1 Valor Coaching
  • Personalized program and plans
  • Data-driven and real results
  • Availability anytime, anywhere