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Trusted Leadership Transformation Begins Here

Driving growth and sustaining performance for leaders, teams, and organizations through our science-backed digital training and coaching platform.

Guided Digital Learning

Valor's guided self-discovery online digital learning platform leverages science-backed performance mindset courses, micro-exercises, and assessments in addition to our 1:1 personalized coaching to deliver outcome-driven results for individuals & organizations.
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The key to thriving teams

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The key to empowered leaders

Recognizing your leader's strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, to support  and encourage them to lead with integrity 

"Valor was instrumental in my team's ability to hit our numbers in Q2. Not only did my team rave about their experience, I also noticed them bringing more of a growth mindset to work because of Valor. We had a lot of big projects in Q2 & I saw how their mindsets shifted through Valor."

 2 copy 6-1Jessica Bicknell | VP of Customer Success logo_linksquares

"My sessions with [my coach] have been invaluable. Her coaching has helped me gain confidence, recognize new areas of opportunity, and work on my underdeveloped skills as a leader.  Since Valor is so personalized, with [my coach's] guidance, I am able to focus on the things that matter to me during our sessions. "

3 copy 3Alexandra Wallitsch | Manager of Global Sales Enablement


High impact & quality experience with Valor

of participants report Valor Coaching improved their performance
of participants feel more valued by their organization
of participants would recommend Valor Coaching to a colleague

Measurable impact and powerful outcomes

Our evidenced-based approach yields powerful results, across individuals, teams, and organizations. The Valor experience has a measurable and significant impact on:


Accelerated recruited and hiring performance to enhance headcount growth 


Of  participants demonstrate progress on their goals with the help of Valor

Reasons to Invest in Employee Development performance job satisfaction well-being leadership skills retention productivity
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34% increased revenue growth within 1 year of working with Valor

Long lasting results, from 30 minutes per week

Our unique combination of self-directed learning and performance one-on-one digital coaching is designed to drive results for busy leaders and teams. The Valor platform can be easily accessed from anywhere at any time enabling teams to grow and develop when it works best for them. 

Scalable impact
Analytics, metrics & benchmarks ensure alignment with your organizational goals & competencies.
Innovative insight
Confidential, 3rd party coaching provides valuable insight, & saves the time & cost of building internal resources.
User-friendly platform
Self & team assessments, self-directed learning & 360º feedback, our platform is everything you need, all in one place.
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Strengthen culture
Contribute to a leadership culture with a contagious practice that creates high-performing, resilient, and adaptable teams.
Drive outcomes
Reward, retain, & level-up high performers, high potentials, & leaders of all levels across multiple positions & industries.
Proven strategy
Evidence-based performance science, Valor coaching enhances skills and fuels proactive leadership.

Discover what Valor Coaching can do for your team

Customized to organizational goals

Our unique combination of self-directed learning and performance one-on-one digital coaching is designed to drive results for busy leaders and teams. The Valor platform can be easily accessed from anywhere at any time enabling teams to grow and develop when it works best for them. 


Report Valor positively impacted ability to perform at work 

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Why OpenGov partnered with Valor

When OpenGov approached our team, they were faced with positive change as a result of rapidly expanding teams. Our focus was to help OpenGov adapt to these changes with resilience by equipping leaders with new skills as the company scaled and to help their sales leaders & managers perform at their top, no matter the circumstance. 

"[My coach] has been extremely valuable at helping me realize my strengths and work on how I can better communicate." 

 3 copy 4Claudia Arriaga | Senior VP of Customer Success

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" [My coach] made me feel comfortable and set expectations in a thoughtful, digestible way." 

4 copy 3Sarah Trenschel | Director,  People Operations 

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" [I got] tangible takeaways that will help me identify my core values" 

2 copy 7David Spolidoro | Director of Customer Success

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ROI of digital coaching

After evaluating the ROI of Executive Coaching, a Fortune 500 company uncovered that Executive Coaching produced a 788% ROI. The study noted that excluding the benefits from employee retention, a 529% ROI was produced.

*Information gathered from Executive Briefing: Case Study on the ROI of Executive Coaching and Institute of Coaching*

4 copy 6 80% of coachees report increased self-confidence
3 copy 986% of organizations saw an ROI on their Coaching engagements
5 copy 270% of coachees report improved performance, relationships & communication
6 copy 361% of coaching clients report improved business management skills 

An outside perspective is the key to extraordinary results - for individuals and organizations alike.


Leadership Development


Sales Performance


Healthcare Teams

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Leadership and Performance Coaching in Healthcare


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Improve Individual Performance & Fuel Organizational Growth

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