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20 Minutes that will change the way you motivate your top people

Performance mindset coaching works. At Valor, our coaching works even better — and we can prove it. Give us a few minutes and we’ll show you how our Valor Coaches can inspire your people and make an immediate impact.

Schedule a Demo

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Valor clients get results

In the demo, you’ll see why organizations like Salesforce and HubSpot choose Valor, including:

  • 200+ years of combined expertise in performance mindset coaching
  • World-class Valor Coaches (including Olympians, former special forces, and top PhDs)
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Customizable, scalable approach
  • Measurable results
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What to expect

We’ll start with a few questions about the opportunities and challenges you’re facing within your organization. Then, we’ll have a conversation about:

  • How Valor works
  • What a typical coaching engagement includes
  • Real-world impact at Valor Clients
  • How much Valor costs
  • How we can customize a coaching package for your organization
  • Any questions you have

A quick demo typically takes 20-30 minutes, but we often find that people want to learn more, so we’re happy to extend the call or schedule additional time at your convenience. 


"There is tremendous value in Valor being a third party and providing an objective Leadership perspective... Valor helped me to elevate as a leader by focusing on concrete strategies and action plans for continued improvement on my own personal Leadership journey."

John Williams
Area Vice President | Sales


"HubSpot has benefited greatly from our partnership with Valor by giving our global sales managers performance mindset strategies, ways of handling adversity, and unbiased virtual coaching on leading and managing people. At HubSpot, we are committed to empowering our sales managers with leadership and development tools to be at their best. With Valor, we could give those managers access to world-class coaches to help refine how they lead in their daily interactions as well as setting them up for long-term success."

Andrew Quinn
Vice President | Sales Productivity and Enablement