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Case Study

Oracle Builds a High-Performance Mindset in Employees with Valor Performance

Oracle, the world’s largest database management company, is building a company of high performers and transforming its culture geared toward employee performance development. Oracle partnered with Valor Performance in launching a coaching program designed to enhance the work lives of its employees, resulting in a culture of growth mindset.

Reasons to Invest in Employee Development (1700 x 1000 px)

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75% of employees that went through the program felt more appreciated by Oracle

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97% of the employees who completed the program said the sessions were a good use of time

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98% of Oracle participants made significant progress toward their goals

The Challenge

The current state of the workforce has been shifting towards increased employee benefits and programs designed to engage and retain employees. Most companies are facing the same issues; how can they develop employees to perform at a high level while creating engagement and increasing retention?

Oracle and the entire industry face challenges with employees around high turnover, lower production, and increasing burnout. These outcomes are the results of a multitude of issues:


High demand workload, expectations, and time in meetings

  New Challenges

Pandemic impacts on motivation and personal lives


Perceptions of lack of opportunities for upward mobility


Organizational change, expanding the size of teams, and role changes

Faced with increasing turnover, Oracle worked with Valor Performance to develop a program focused on creating more empowered, confident employees that succeed no matter the circumstances; personally and professionally.

The Solution

With the issues around employee development becoming the norm in workplaces across the country, Oracle looked for a personalized solution that would address each employee’s individual needs and goals while helping the company increase retention and create a culture of high performers. Oracle quickly realized that out-of-the box and generic coaching platforms would not give their employees the level of personalization they needed to overcome their challenges and keep them engaged.

Partnering with Valor Performance, Oracle launched a program targeted at managers and directors in large client- facing positions to help them manage and sustain high performance. Valor Performance delivers personalized high-performance coaching backed
by a science-based mindset program delivered by world-class performance coaches. This program allows employees to focus on something different during their coaching journey.

“Valor changed the whole trajectory of my career and changed my relationship with stress.”

Kelly Owens Headshot

Kelly Owens | Oracle

The Results

Oracle’s employees were eager for professional growth and support. They completed 1800+ coaching sessions with 5000+ micro-courses completed. This translated to extremely high engagement numbers with 93% of employees finding immense value in the coaching sessions. These engagement numbers were sustained through multiple cohorts that Oracle put through the Valor Performance Coaching program. High engagement in the coaching program is a direct result of the immediate benefits that Oracle employees experienced going through the coaching process.

Strengthened Leadership and Active Engagement

The program worked with senior managers and directors who were focused on themes around leadership, managing up, mental agility, and a performance mindset. As Oracle employees progressed through the program, these themes had a direct correlation to a shift in how employees view their job and organization.


These improvements in how employees relate to their workplace has had a direct impact on retention and the value employees bring to Oracle. These themes were of particular importance to Oracle given the rapidly changing work environments brought on by the global pandemic that put work stresses in the homes of many of its employees and the shifting of workplace dynamics. 75% of employees that went through the program felt more appreciated by Oracle. 97% of the employees who completed the program said the sessions were a good use of time, and 98% made significant progress toward their goals.


Oracle also saw a 5-10% improvement in employee retention of the employees that went through the program. This could translate to $500,000 - $1 million in company savings from lost hours and hiring costs. These sessions changed the lives of many of the participants at Oracle. Valor Performance allows participants who have finished their coaching program to leave Notes of Gratitude to talk about their coaching experience. Oracle employees left notes like:

“This coaching experience has been invaluable for my career as well as my sense of self,” and “Valor has been life- changing for me”.

Oracle continues to invest in coaching with Valor Performance having just 40 employees in its first cohort, the program has doubled in size with each new cohort added. The organization has seen firsthand investing in its greatest asset its employees, and is paying dividends in retention, work output, and their personal lives.

“Valor was a highly valuable experience for me. It helped to have content and feedback from the coach tailored to my specific challenges and goals. I feel like I am better equipped to lead my team and service my stakeholders at Oracle.”


Oracle Employee

The difference with Valor

The benefit of Valor’s coaching program is every employee gets personalized sessions based on 360º assessments designed to uncover strengths and areas of opportunity for growth.

This enables Oracle managers looking to develop more leadership skills the opportunity to unlock that skillset, while other employees may want to focus on prioritization and helping reduce feelings of burnout. The 1:1 coaching sessions help employees get personalized development with Valor coaching.

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