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Leverage your Learning Stipend & Get a Coach in your Corner!

  • Work one-on-one with a professional Valor Performance coach who knows what it’s like to perform under pressure
  • Learn valuable skills to be at your best in a dynamic work environment that is evolving through both internal and external changes and challenges
  • Complete evidence-based exercises utilizing the latest science in peak performance

Valor / Klaviyo Coaching Package

12 Months Access to Valor:

  • Up to 12 coaching sessions with a world class Valor coach
  • Unlimited coach messaging
  • Unlimited access to Valor Learning Platform with courses and library on leadership and performance
  • Access to 360 feedback assessment, Valor Viewpoints

Cost: $3,000*

*Leverage your Klaviyo Learning Stipend!

Learn more about Valor and performance coaching at valorperform.com.

Madison Pinckes1583767080038

Klaviyo Inbound Sales Strategy Manager 

Valor helped me better understand who I am as an employee and what my goals are. By having really in-depth conversations about these themes and completing thought-provoking exercises I not only was able to increase my mental bandwidth and capacity to be higher functioning at work, but I also have been able to improve my skills with stakeholder management, coaching and advocating for my team, and prioritization based on business impact