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How It Works

Valor combines personal, one-on-one live, digital coaching with ongoing support via direct messaging, self-guided courses, and a wealth of performance-based resources for you and your team. Unlock your team’s full potential with leadership development programs designed for you to succeed.

Individual Growth Leads to Organizational Growth

While the methods of coaching may differ from person to person, the purpose of coaching remains the same for everyone. By focusing on behavior, habits, and the thoughts behind them, performance mindset coaching provides countless benefits for individuals as well as organizations.

For Individuals

  • Identify and remove mental obstacles to success
  • Stretch the comfort zone and expand limits to create a mindset of perpetual growth
  • Build better habits and behaviors — not just technical skills
  • Sustain an exceptionally high level of performance
  • Strengthen leadership and coaching skills
  • Execute at their best when it matters most, day after day
  • Be more resilient as they face challenges and adversity
  • Know more about themselves, so they can more effectively lead themselves and others

For Organizations

  • Reward and retain high performers, high potentials, and leaders
  • Build high-functioning, resilient, adaptable teams for the changing world
  • Give leaders at all levels the skills they need to lead themselves, so they can lead others
  • Be on the cutting edge of performance science by investing in your true competitive edge — your people
  • Provide an actionable, systematic, research-backed process for success moving forward

5 Steps to Success

Step 1 — Partner with Valor

  • Meet with Valor to discuss organizational goals and how Valor can weave them into your employees’ coaching experience.
  • Identify which high-potentials, high-performers, and leaders in your organization you’re going to reward and up-skill with one-on-one coaching.

Valor is designed for busy employees, who typically spend an average of 30 minutes on coaching each week.

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Step 2 — Self-Assessment and Coach Pairing

To get a comprehensive picture of each individual's strengths and areas of opportunity, they will complete a brief baseline assessment. Peers, managers, and direct reports will also have the option to complete a 360-degree assessment of the person being coached.

Using advanced software powered by artificial intelligence, we match people with the most appropriate coach for them, including more experienced coaches for C-level leadership. Our diverse, multi-disciplinary coaches are world-class performance experts who have already helped thousands reach their goals.

With a 97% match rate, you can rest assured that the coach will be the right fit — and if not, you can simply request a different coach.

Step 3 — Work with Your Coach In and Out of the Session

You and your coach will work together to identify your goals, build a trusted relationship, and develop a customized action plan. All communication with your coach is confidential - Valor reports back on aggregated data and themes.


What Each Person Gets

  • One-on-one live sessions with your dedicated Valor coach
  • Unlimited access to the digital platform — includes ongoing courses, content, and continuous messaging with your Valor Coach
  • Online platform — lets you see and change upcoming sessions, and manage your time with your coach
  • Community of engaged high performers — share insights and lessons with others who are working to achieve similar goals

Employees can take full advantage of the Valor leadership development program which includes exclusive evidence-based, self-guided courses, micro-exercises, and assessments available anytime. In addition, coaches will often recommend specific resources from our online selection of curated articles, podcasts, and other performance-based materials.

Leaders can choose the skills they want to focus on, including mindset skills such as:

  • Confidence
  • Communications
  • Strategic thinking
  • Resilience
  • Mental agility
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
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Step 4 — Employees Apply Their Skills, and Create a Culture of Coaching Throughout Your Organization

As your people go through the coaching process, they’ll immediately begin to use what they’ve learned and see the impact in real-time.

In addition, they can start sharing their experiences and insights with others throughout your organization, inspiring their colleagues to achieve their full potential — and creating a company-wide ripple effect that promotes sustainable high performance.

Step 5 - Measure the Impact and Determine Next Steps

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Valor provides insightful data analytics and metrics (including benchmarking against comparable companies) that help you understand your team’s engagement, mindset, motivations, and the impact our coaching and mentorship programs are having on their performance.


of participants report that Valor improved their performance


of participants were satisfied with their overall experience


of participants approved of their coach match


of participants would recommend Valor to a colleague

Focused on the Future

Performance mindset coaching works because it’s about moving forward — not backward. Oftentimes, companies and leaders only face issues after a problem occurs.

At Valor, we don’t wait for missteps to happen — we figure out how to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Our approach is to be proactive, give people control, and show people the choices they have to direct their future success.

Focused on the Future - How Valor Coaching Works
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The Benefits of
Performance Coaching

How is performance mindset coaching more impactful than typical coaching? Simply put, performance mindset coaching helps people think and act differently to reach their goals, grow, navigate obstacles, and perform when it matters most.

Reveal and Build Your
True Values

Your values are like the roots of a tree — they anchor you and make you more resilient. The deeper your roots, the easier (and faster) you’ll recover from any setbacks. At Valor, our leadership development programs help you uncover your values and establish those deep roots, so you can draw upon their strength for years to come.

Valor Leadership & Performance Mindset Coaching

  • Data-driven
  • Personalized
  • Cost effective
  • Designed to maximize and sustain performance

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