Coaching for Leaders and Teams

Coaching for Leaders and Teams

Teams benefit from increased alignment and cohesion. Valor helps teams create a common language, develop a shared vision, and build a culture of high performance.

We help develop a Culture of Coaching that fosters a supportive, high-performing environment and creates the conditions necessary for sustainable peak performance.

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Insightful Data and Metrics to Drive Decisions

Valor’s analytics help you understand your team’s engagement, mindset, motivations, and the current challenges hindering them from success.

Strategically plan, develop your team, and mitigate risks by receiving Valor’s enterprise reporting, including benchmarking against comparable companies.

Options for additional data include our lightweight 360, Viewpoints, and our culture assessment, Vision & Values.

Efficient and Effective Experience

Efficient and Effective Experience

With the insights from our assessments, feedback collection, and the support of our Valor Coaches, leaders choose specific skills they want to focus on in our self-directed and digital curriculum.

Valor’s hybrid approach is intentionally designed for busy leaders to gain skills, achieve goals, and drive results.

Benefits for Leaders

Benefits for Leaders

Along with development of skills such as time management, emotional intelligence, and active listening, Valor recipients report a new sense of engagement and satisfaction with their work.

They spend less time managing emotional obstacles and more time prioritizing what matters.



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