How It Works

Valor’s hybrid approach combines one-on-one leadership coaching with self-directed digital learning, ensuring that leaders can efficiently gain skills, achieve their goals and drive results.

For Team Leads

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Create a Culture of Coaching

Empower your managers and your high performers to be better coaches themselves. Select the teams who will receive Valor based on your internal criteria or by leveraging Valor’s data-driven assessment and selection strategy. Excite and communicate the opportunity with Valor-branded communication materials and customized launch sessions.

Sit Back and Let Valor Do the Work

Benefit from Valor Performance’s hybrid model which provides a personalized and scalable platform of growth for leaders at every point in their career. We bring the experts and implementation plan so you can focus on other initiatives.

Valor Platform
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Understand Your Team and Make Data-Driven Decisions

Valor’s analytics help you understand your team’s engagement, mindset, and well-being. Strategically plan, grow your team, and mitigate risks by understanding how your team is feeling and performing. You can even see how your team stacks up against comparable companies.

For High Performers

Valor Platform Video Session

Match with a Valor Coach

After completing a brief intake questionnaire, you are matched with one of our world-class Valor Performance Coaches, all of whom are experts in developing the right mindset to excel at the highest levels and help you achieve your goals.


Personalize Your Experience

With the support of your Valor Coach, you choose specific skills you want to focus on in our self-directed and digital curriculum. After taking a brief assessment, you’ll be able to select the courses that will help you achieve your goals.

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Reach Your Goals and Track Progress

Growth, learning, and leadership are all part of a lifelong journey. Valor’s curated curriculum gives you the tools to measure your progress, achieve your goals, and grow as a leader at any stage in your career.



Invest in personalized coaching for you and your team. Let us show you how we can help.