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URMC Empowering Leadership and Well-being with Valor Performance

The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) partners with Valor Performance to enhance clinicians' leadership effectiveness, retain talent, and mitigate burnout. 

Today more than ever, clinicians are facing a myriad of complex challenges including burnout, limited leadership development opportunities, declining patient experience, and lack of well-being options. Coaching is a core tool of agile healthcare leaders to build and maintain a growth mindset and mental agility as well as improve well-being and boost confidence. Here is why Valor Coaching can become an important tool for clinicians:

Tailored, High Caliber One-on-One and Impactful Experience

Dr. Janine Shapiro, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Medical Director for Continuing Medical Education, in search of providing leadership opportunities for her faculty landed on Valor Coaching but quickly realized that the benefits went beyond leadership and allowed URMC to tackle a few issues that show up across the board for clinicians.

Blended, Evidenced-Based Learning Approach

Valor leverages evidenced-based exercises utilizing the latest science in peak performance and is self-directed when it fits your schedule. Dr. Jessica Shand, Director of URMC Clinician and Faculty Wellbeing Program, felt the Valor program benefited clinicians with its ability to allow them what skills they wanted to prioritize first and on a schedule that suits them. 

Ripple Effect Through the Organization and Patient Experience

Valor Coaching and coaching in general not only gives the clinicians the tools to develop new skills but helps them role play those new skills which then is filtered down impacting and improving the patient experience and the overall well-being of the clinician.

Watch the entire Webinar: How URMC is Leveraging a Personalized Coaching Program to Uplevel Leaders, Retain Talent and Mitigate Burnout. 

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