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Valor Performance, Inc. Referral Terms of Service

Valor Performance (“Valor”) offers existing customers (“Customers”) the opportunity to refer colleagues and peers (“Referrals”) to take part in Valor’s performance coaching. By participating in the Referral Program, you and your Referrals agree to be bound by these Valor Referral Terms (“Referral Terms”).

Any information that you provide to Valor in connection with the Referral Program (for example, Referral’s name, email address or other contact information) will be handled in accordance with Valor’s Privacy Policy. You confirm that you have all necessary rights and/or permission to share any information you provide to Valor in connection with the Referral Program, and will only refer colleagues and peers with whom you have a personal relationship. If you do not have the necessary rights and/or permission, you must not share this information with Valor.

How to Refer a Colleague

Send your Referral to https://www.valorperform.com/kayak-referral. After they have entered their own information, be sure they include your name in the “Person Who Referred You to Valor” section.

Valid Referrals

A Valid Referral must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Referral must be new to Valor and not previously or currently registered as a Valor customer under any other name or email address;

  • Referral must be at least 18 years of age or older.


For every two (2) Referrals who become Valor customers, you will receive access to Valor’s digital coaching platform, including:

  • One (1) additional session with a Valor coach added to your existing account

  • Asynchronous messaging with Valor coach

  • Access to digital exercises, surveys and programs while participating in coaching session

Each Referral must make their first purchase with Valor in order for you to receive the Incentive. Valor reserves the right to refuse the issuance of any Incentive to you at any time. Incentives may not be applied to any previous purchases or redeemed for any cash equivalent including refunds.


The following are prohibited in connection with the Referral Program:

  • Referring yourself or any previous or existing Valor customers;

  • Using a bot or bots in connection with the Referral Program;

  • Creating or using multiple email addresses in order to earn Incentives;

  • Participating in any other misleading or fraudulent referral activity such as using false names, inviting fictitious people to participate in the Referral Program or otherwise providing false information to Valor;

  • Taking any actions which Valor determines in its sole discretion to constitute an abuse of the Referral Program; and

  • Participating in the Referral Program where doing so would violate any applicable laws or regulations where the Referral is located.

If you or your Referrals violate any of these Referral Terms or any other Valor terms or guidelines, Valor may, in addition to any other remedies it deems reasonable, revoke all Incentives on your account.

Changes to the Referral Program and Referral Terms

Valor reserves the right to vary any and all elements of the Referral Program at any time. Valor reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to prevent any individual from participating in the Referral Program.

Valor may cancel or modify the Referral Program and/or the Referral Terms at any time by posting such revisions through its sites or landing pages. Revisions will become effective immediately upon posting or notification, whichever occurs first, and you agree to periodically review the Referral Terms to learn about these revisions.

Removal from Referral Program

If you wish to be removed from the Referral Program, you can do so by contacting: katie.raeburn@valorperform.com.