At Valor, we are a team comprised of elite athletes, entrepreneurs, professional performance coaches, engineers, designers and academics – all pioneers, dreamers, and doers – tethered together by a passion and love for leadership, growth, and sustaining peak performance.


Building a community to ignite heroic courage and sustain peak performance for the world’s professionals.


We are in a go-go-go world, and no one is given the time to get the insights and strategies to help in their long-term success.

We decided to fix that.

“Being a part of Valor includes building a company while also building character – both for our clients and within ourselves.

Sarah Milby,
Founder of Valor

Founder & CEO


Growing up in Hockessin, Delaware, training to play soccer at Yale, and running competitively for two sponsored teams, Sarah experienced the benefits of having a performance coach in her corner – who taught her how to strategically manage her mental game, attitude and mindset to optimize for success.

Sarah leveraged those lessons off the field, attending some of the best academic institutions in the world, working for top-tier finance and government organizations, and taking on leadership roles at various innovative software companies in digital health.

It was after her experience leading sales and business development teams that Sarah realized the gap in professional training.

“We do a ton to educate sales about the company products (what to sell) and the methodology (how to sell),” explains Sarah. “But, we do very little on performance mindset (why and how to stay on top of your game, especially under pressure).  Yet…Every executive and sales leader knows how important it is for their team to be motivated and fully charged, especially in difficult market conditions.  That is the gap that Valor addresses.”

Fast forward to today, and now Valor partners with some of the highest performing organizations in the world to give them a competitive advantage, and help their teams strategically ignite and sustain peak performance.